Nom Chops Now Nomming on the App Store

Now on the App Store, Nom Chops features NOMster, a ferocious nomming monster in search of a thousand good meals where players must help NOMster eat as many slimes as possible while avoiding spicy pepper bombs. Eat three bombs or miss too many slimes and it’s game over. Nom and avoid. Nom and avoid.


The game also stars Chops, a trusted ally who tries his best to make sure NOMster is always nice and full. Unfortunately he also came down with a case of uncontrollable pepper plopping or UPP. Help them work together to satiate NOMster’s belly whilst avoiding the pepper bombs to achieve a high score. Nom Chops features original music scores from composer Tee Lopes.

Nom Chops on YouTube

  • Endless Nomming: Never eat the same slime twice with randomly generated gameplay.
  • Get Slimed: Work to get as many slimes in a row to earn a surprise bonus.
  • High Score: Earn a high score to impress your friends, but earn the highest combo score to own your friends.
  • Pepper Bombs: All is fair in slime and war; watch out for the pepper bombs or game over!
  • Real-World Rewards: Get 50 slimes in a row to earn Lootsie Points and redeem for real-world rewards in the Lootsie marketplace, such as a Sole Bicycle, headphones from SOL Republic or gift cards from your favorite brands.

Nom Chops is available for free on the App Store for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, or at

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