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Spirit Rush Featured in New Games We Love on App Store

It’s been an exciting week at the PagodaWest Games office. We not only launched Spirit Rush on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, but we were fortunate enough to catch Apple’s eye and get featured on the front page of the App Store in their “New Games We Love” section.

Three individuals we’d like to specifically call out are programmer Aden Krueger for make such sweet and smooth mechanics and Taryn Costello for the delightful and original artwork as well as Tee Lopes for making the sweet, sweet sounds that grace the game. And our intern Stewart just because.

If you haven’t checked out Spirit Rush on the App Store yet, here is the launch trailer, but of course you can click here to go straight to the store.

Check out the screenshot below!

We also received two very awesome preview articles from TouchArcade and OneAngryGamer prior to launch. We always love to see when media, whose articles we read a lot, include one of our games! Here are a few quotes:

  • “a pretty cool high score chaser” – TouchArcade
  • “The game is a little like other titles like flOw or Snake or maybe even a 2D version of Nights Into Dreams.” – OneAngryGamer

Here are a few of our featured highlights on the App Store:

  • Top 5 “New Games we Love”
  • Top 10 Overall Free Adventure Games!
  • Top 20 Overall Free Action Games!
  • Featured around the world in UK, Canada, USA, Spain, Russia, AUS, and more.
  • Featured 114 times on iTunes Home Page
  • Featured 480 times on iTunes

Well, until next time!

Thumper PS4 Code Giveaway

In celebration of Spirit Rush hitting Top 5 of “New Games We Love” on the front page of the App Store, we’re feeling thankful … and thankfully we have an extra code to one of our favorite PS4 games, Thumper and we’re giving it away. Check out this trailer for Thumper and then check scroll down for how to enter to win the code:

So, in order to be entered to win, you only need to do three things … which are below this awesome screenshot!

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3 – And this is a bonus … If you have an iOS device, download Spirit Rush and take it for a spin. If you’d like, we’d love for you to leave a review or just leave us some feedback via our feedback form.


Alright, that’s it. We’ll announce the winner via our newsletter soon. Thank you!

Bonus Bonus Bonus

Watch the Spirit Rush trailer and leave a comment as another form of entry!

Uber, Uber, Uber Bonus

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