Circle Frenzy Featured on Amazon Appstore

We’re super stoked to announced that Circle Frenzy has been featured on the front page of the Amazon Appstore! We put a lot of love into this game and are excited that everyone is enjoying it so much.

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circle frenzy amazon appstore

Circle Frenzy Now on Google Play and Amazon Appstore

Circle Frenzy is now available Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. Circle Frenzy is also on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Circle Frenzy is a one-touch platformer that challenges players to time their jumps in order to avoid sharp orbs and spikes in an effort to get the highest score.


Circle Frenzy on YouTube

Starring Circ, the cute, but understated hero, the game takes the players beyond the stars to a world full of promise, but laden with danger where if they overstay their welcome on their way to achieve a high score, BOOM! the planet will explode. The Big Bang will no longer be just a theory and the player will be left with nothing. Circle Frenzy includes original musical scores by Tee Lopes, composer of the Major Magnet music as well. Accompanied by striking colorful imagery, Circle Frenzy features:

  • Unlimited Gameplay: Randomly generated levels bring a new experience on every planet
  • Endless Runner Twist: Circle Frenzy is a round playground that mixes acrobatic stunts with the fear of planetary explosions … the ultimate risk/reward conundrum
  • Challenging: The longer you play, the harder it gets