Award-Winning PagodaWest Games Debuts Major Magnet: Arcade on Google Play

Award-winning independent game developer PagodaWest Games today announced that Major Magnet: Arcade is now available on Google Play. Major Magnet: Arcade, the free follow-up to the team’s critically acclaimed App Store hit, Major Magnet, is re-tuned for more in-depth gameplay, includes 75 brand new stages as well as additional challenge levels.


In Major Magnet: Arcade, players swing, toss, and boost the game’s main character “Marv” (a.k.a. Major Magnet) through a series of worlds where movement and velocity is controlled by bumper-like magnets. When Marv’s nemesis, Colonel Lastin strips Marv’s trusty crime fighting cape away from him, he falls through a manhole and find himself in a vast facility controlled by Lastin’s magnets. A horseshoe-shaped magnet is attracted to Marv and attaches itself to him, opening up a unique style of gameplay.

This underground world becomes a brand new kind of adventure in which players tap the magnets on and off to maneuver Marv up, down, and across the screen in hopes of finding his cape, escaping, and saving the world with just a tap and a swipe.

New Features:
• Coin collection puzzles which unlock the portals to new levels
• 75 brand new levels
• Additional challenge levels
• Greatly improved social functionality

The original Major Magnet game soared to the #2 paid app on the App Store when launched. It has also won several awards, including:
• Editor’s Choice – Apple
• Silver Award – Pocket Gamer
• Editor’s Choice – 148Apps
• Featured at PAX East Indie Showcase
• Family Friendly Gaming Seal of Approval
• Corona Labs’ Hall of Fame Superstars Award
• Featured in the PAX Prime Indie Megabooth
• Apps Five Star Award – Apps Magazine

The critically acclaimed orbital platformer features rich graphics, an original soundtrack from Tee Lopes (of Sonic 2 HD fame), a set of funny and loveable characters and a story that envelops the player into the gameplay.

Major Magnet: Arcade is now available for free on Google Play.

PagodaWest Games is a small independent games development team that specializes in creating the best mobile gaming experience: relatable characters, rich graphics, infectious sound design, and most importantly of all — addictive, refreshing gameplay that, for any audience, is easy to pick up yet hard to put down. With these qualities in mind, the philosophy at PagodaWest Games is quite simple: “We make games the way they should be”.

About Jared
Jared is one of the co-founders of PagodaWest Games and an avid all-round designer. When he’s not busy cycling around Portland OR or enjoying the great outdoors Jared is donning several caps relevant to the design and creation of games, possessing both formal training in computer science and as well as a notable artistic streak.