AppAdvice – Run, jump, and try not getting dizzy in Circle Frenzy, an arcade platformer coming April 2015

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Circle Frenzy is a circular arcade platformer that will test your reflexes and make you question your agility, all while trying to avoid a planetary implosion. You’ll have to run and jump in order to avoid sharp orbs and spikes in a futile effort to get the highest score. Stay on each world as long as you can for bonus points, but if you overstay your welcome, boom! The Big Bang will no longer be just a theory.


Gamezebo – Circle Frenzy Cuts the Corners Off One-Touch Platforming

Read all about our new game Circle Frenzy on Gamezebo!

Auto-running platformers have found a well-deserved home on mobile, with everything from Run Roo Run to Sonic Runners proving that the genre is an exceptional way to handle old school platforming on your phone.

Circle Frenzy takes this idea and “runs” with it, if you’ll pardon the pun, all the way around the world.

Players will control their hero as he runs around a circular world littered with obstacles and platforms. The goal of the game, like so many titles on the App Store, is to last for as long as you can. The trick here is that no two playthroughs will be alike. Developer PagodaWest games are promising randomly generated levels that should keep things fresh play after play.


“Stay on each world as long as you can for extra points, but if you overstay your welcome … BOOM … the BIG BANG will no longer be a theory!,” reads the official copy from PagodaWest.

If the developer’s name sounds familiar, there’s good reason for that: you’ve probably played their sublime 2013 release Major Magnet.


There’s no release date for Circle Frenzy quite yet, but when it does surface, you can expect it on iOS and Android – hopefully with that awesome soundtrack you’ll hear in the trailer above.

AppSpy – The teaser trailer for Circle Frenzy is out, comes from the developers of Major Magnet

Thanks to AppSpy for covering our new game, Circle Frenzy! Check out the teaser trailer below!


Circle Frenzy on YouTube

TouchArcade – ‘Major Magnet’ Developers Announce New Game, ‘Circle Frenzy’

Check out the latest on our upcoming title Circle Frenzy over at TouchArcade! PagodaWest Games has been known for the Major Magnet [$1.99] games, including Major Magnet Arcade [Free], which have a real Sonic homage quality to them. Now, they’re doing something a bit more original in theme, with their upcoming game Circle Frenzy. This one will have you running around a spherical planet, dodging randomly-generated traps, and trying to make it to the exit warp that eventually pops up, because oh no, the planet’s going to explode! That is a problem.

toucharcade circle frenzy pagodawest games There’s a risk-reward system where you can stick around on a planet for more points, but the problem there is that whole exploding-planet thing. The game looks nice, and the music sounds like it’s from the same composer as the Major Magnet games, which was fantastic, and I’m interested to see whatever PagodaWest has to do. And developers exploring the familiar fast-reaction genre in their own way is always intriguing to me. Expect this one soon, though no concrete launch date has been locked down.

Circle Frenzy on YouTube